anthony baldwin (photodharma) wrote in unconditionaluv,
anthony baldwin

calling all artistic weirdo UUs...

I know you're out there...
Why, there must be millions of artists hiding and lurking in UU congregations everywhere.
In fact, I would guess that there are more UUs involved, in one way or another, in some form of art, than there are not.

I did some searching for UU art at google, at the, at the CLF site...
There's not much to be found, and, frankly, that really surprises me.
I found one site selling a few chalice paintings on prints and cards.
It shocks me, really, because, if one can generalize about UUs at all, I think one can say that UUs are colorful, creative, thoughtful people with great vision.
Yes. You know it't true.
There is a UU Musicians Fellowship. I found that.
But there seems to be no commission or committee or fellowship, niche, closet or corner specifically for UU artists to share, learn from and minister to each other.
I think that's a problem. I think that as UU artists, we need to Unite for various purposes.
Well, as mentioned, we should join to share our art, to learn from each other, to minister to each other.
And, if nothing else, we need to do it to make the rest of the world aware of just how brilliant and creative we UUs are.
And, don't you think that UUs the world round would be interested in art created by those who share their spiritual values?
I do.
Perhaps one step would be to create a UUArts community here on LJ?
I don't know. I don't really know what the first step is...Who to talk to at the UUA or CLF or anywhere else, to get the ball rolling.
But, I suppose the precursor to the first step is to find all of you artistic UUs and see what kind of interest exists and what kinds of ways we can envision to create a UU artist community.

Additionally, I was considering the possiblity of compiling a coffeetable book full of UU art, or, at least, art created by UUs (not necessarily chalice art, you know). It occured to me that including UU poetry in such a tome would be possibly appropriate or desirable, too, but, my guess is that books showcasing UU poetry have been done. I haven't looked into that yet. It may be that there is a need for that, as well. Combining both, UU art and poetry, would, imho, be very, very cool.

What do you think?
FAWUU? Fellowship of Artistic Weirdo UUs?
Arjuna? ARtistic Joyful Uu Nutcases Association?
Help me out here....

Locally, I'm looking into developing a UU art show at my own congregation (we have several dozen artistic weirdos, including myself), but all I've done so far is talk to a few of those weirdos during coffee after church. There is an interest. I just need to figure out how to proceed.

Oh yeah.
And I'm new here.
I've been a UU since 2000, officially. All Souls UU, New London, CT is my congregation, and it ROCKS!
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