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President Ronald Reagan has died.

Who's old enough to remember when he was President?

What do you think? He was very sick for a long time with Alzheimer's. Is it a relief for him to die? For anyone unfamiliar with him for whatever reason, Reagan was one of the longest living Presidents and the oldest one ever elected. He began to show signs of senility while in office.
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I don't remember him as a good man, but rather as a simple one, with potentially good intentions, who nonetheless was manipulated by many of the same radically conservative forces that are now in charge. The Iran/Contra scandal was bigger than anyone seems to recall, involving treasonous, traitorous acts by people who are now again in power, or prominent pundits for the neocon cause. That happened on Reagan's apparently oblivious watch, and maybe at his direction. His brinksmanship is credited with ending the Soviet Union by bankrupting them in an arms race, but it nearly did the same to us, except for Clinton's eventual fiscal responsibility. Once again, this sort of fiscal irresponsibility, feeding an unstoppable war machine, threatens our existence. I am not glad he is dead, but he was not a good president by any means.
I remember when Gerald Ford was president.
Does that make me ancient?
I'm only 36.