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Hello :)

Hi. I'm Julie. I'm new here and just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been a UU my whole life and I'm in the CMWD. I'm a "young adult". I hope to get to know all of you.
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I'm a "young adult" too! I'm in NH/VT district.
Thanks for greeting me. Does the NH/VT district have a very active young adult group???
H. I'm Marcus. I've been here for a bit, but never really been active in this community. I've been a UU since I was 5 and I'm in the CMwD. I'm a young adult.

Seems we have some things in common.
Hi Marcus. Nice to meet ya. Where abouts are you from? I'm in IL. Are you active in young adult cons?
I'm from Missouri, going to school in Rolla, MO, but home is in St. Louis. And yes, I am active in young adult cons. I'm also a member of the district young adult steering committee. And I'm the YA district representative. Guess you could say I'm a wee bit involved.

So what about you? Are you active in young adult cons or groups and such? And where in IL are you from?
Yeah, a little involved. :) Good for you!

Well, I live in the Rockford-area. When I was in college (in IA) I was the VP of the campus UU youth group there and our group helped plan a young adult con in Des Moines.

When I changed schools and went in IL, I went to one young adult con (I think it was in St. Louis!). Since then, I haven't heard much young adult news. We haven't been in the area too long. There was apparently a small young adult group at one of the UU churches here, but it's kind of died. I'm hoping to get more involved and kick things up a bit starting in Jan. with the help of our new intern minister (also a young adult).

What news do you have of happenings in the CMWD???
I don't know anything specific about what's going on in Rockford, but I do have a few connections in the area. It seems to me like there's some kind of group there right now. If you like, I can try to find out more.

So you went to the con in StL, did you? I was there, so we've probably met. :) That was my second foray into the world of young adult events, and where I started to get into district steering committee stuff. Seems like almost a lifetime ago now, I almost can't believe how far I've come since.

Just so happens I've got a bit of news concerning the happenings in CMwD, seeing as how I'm just a little involved.

1st, for finding out about the events and such that are going on, I'd suggest joining the district young adult email announce list, if you haven't already. It's pretty low-traffic, and you can stay informed.

2nd, we have a CMwD UU young adult LJ community. Event announcements and such get put on there as well. Take a look at my profile and you'll find a link to it. And if you look at the community profile (or maybe the memories), you'll find a link to a list of links. Does that sentence sound weird? It does to me. Anyway, there's a bunch of stuff on there about district sites and email lists and stuff. You'll find a link to the announce list there too.

3rd, there's a con coming up fairly soon. In Rockford in fact, so you wouldn't have to travel far. It's January 21-23. Check the CMwD YA site for more details.
Yeah, I heard about the conference, but then they said maybe it wasn't going to happen. So, it's for sure a go? I'll check out some of the other stuff soon, I hope. Thanks for the info.!
Yeah, the con is definitely a go.
This Sunday they said there's a meeting with the district coordinator or something the second weekend of Jan. about the con, so we'll probably be doing that (barring a trip to visit the in-laws).

My husband says he remembers you. He said he played frisbee with you at the St. Louis con. (He was only my fiancee then) :)

Are a lot of people from St. Louis coming to Rockford for the con?


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